clear glass traditional absinthe stem glass
clear traditional absinthe stem glass
traditional clear absinthe stem glass and glass carafes

Traditionnel Pontarlier Absinthe Glass, Uncut

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These popular glasses are mouth blown replicas of the legendary Pontarlier Absinthe Glass, but without the facet cuts. Originally named after the glass first appeared in a late 19th century advertisement for the absinthe producer Pernod Fils, which featured its hometown newspaper from Pontarlier, France (see photo). The small, sleepy town of Pontarlier was once the largest maker of absinthe in the world and home to who where considered the best absinthe makers in the world. Pernod Fils, thought to be the best of the best, was the first to take up production there.

Glasses are made to the same proportions as an original 19th century French absinthe glass, including the reservoir.

  • Mouth-blown glass.
  • Each glass measures approximately 5.5"  tall.
  • Mouth measures approximately 3.25"in diameter.
  • Foot measures approximately 3.125"  in diameter.
  • Holds approximately 9 fl oz