The Morning Show

It’s 6am and I’m trying to remember my “morning routine”. Literally, I forgot it.

Oh yes....

I’m brewing the coffee, but I can’t have the coffee yet because I have to have my lemon water first...

(We sell lovely cups and glasses to enjoy your morning beverages in).

...Then I need at least 20 minutes in the fresh air, which I should do whether it’s raining or not. I can’t forget to feed the chickens, gather eggs, feed and walk the dogs...


I think there’s supposed to be 20 minutes of meditation...

I’m working on the yoga routine which is the only thing on this list I’m into so far. After all of these things I should be mentally prepared for my day...

I did 3 of these 8 things this morning so it’s a win!!

In an era saturated with information of do's and don'ts, we don't judge, you do you!!

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  • With you all the way! Loving this post. oxoxo


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