Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Spring is always a busy time of year for us over at Tumbleweed for two reasons - 

1. People are prepping for summer and equipping their patios with new outdoor furniture, aiming the Adirondack chairs at the beach and making sure everything is lounge-ready. 

2. Mother's Day

Somewhere along the way, through decades of hand-dipping scented candles, sewing pillow shams, and painting furniture my shop became the number one spot in Venice Beach to procure something that would make mom smile on the second Sunday in May. 

To be honest, if "Helped bring a little bit of joy to the mother's of Southen California" can be on my resume then I'm a happy girl, but I wouldn't mind if I could graduate to "the mother's of the world"!

I've put together a short list of my favorite products from our site that are perfect for the most important woman in your life and heed my I said I've been doing this for DECADES (plural). 

Venice Beach Candle

We cannot get enough of this candle...literally, we had been selling out weekly up until this month when we finally doubled-down for Spring. All of our candles are soy-based and handmade with essential oils in California, but the Venice Beach Candle is a standout because of its scent can teleport you back to the last time you shut your phone off and slowly baked in the sun as you drifted to sleep. AND it comes in the 12oz glass or an 8oz tin for only $15! 

Paia Towel

We've carried Turkish Towels of all shapes and sizes over the years but no style has been more popular than the original Paia Towel. They come in a smorgasbord of different colors, they're machine washable (which is important), and they can be used for practically anything. Seriously. I've had people use them as drapes, dish towels, tablecloths, beach blankets, scarves, shawls...when it comes to practicality nothing has more functions than these little guys.  

Injiri Famir Multi Pillow

Typically, when people first lay their eyes on the Injiri pillow collection they're so overcome with joy they faint and fall headfirst into the soft, feather-filled bliss that is the Famir Multi Pillow (now that I think about it, it could an act to just lay down in my store...). All of the Injiri collection is handmade in India and always the first to sell out in the shop. These pillows are Do mom a favor and make her the envy of every other mom on the block.


Antique Corkscrew

If your mother is anything like my mother...or like me...she's not one to turn down a glass of wine. Add the word "antique" to the mix and we have a winning combination. Aside from the obvious help these provide when a pesky cork is getting in the way of me and my Chardonnay, they're sturdy, trustworthy, and will most likely be the last corkscrew you ever buy.  

Coral Italian Herringbone Throw

When it comes to classic Mother's Day gifts I'd say the only thing coming close to the almighty scented candle would be the all-powerful throw. These Herringbone throws are lightweight and sooooooo soft. You'll think it's made out of cashmere even though you paid 50% cotton prices.

Redwood Settee

Can you think of any better way to spend the summer than lounging on some brand new outdoor seating? Neither can your mom. We make these benches by hand out of California redwood and then finish them to your specifications and seal them to make sure they won't be affected by weather. Our suggestion - get her one of everything on the list and let her enjoy them all simultaneously while kicking back on one of these (wine sold separately). 

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