It's About Better, Not More...

We have been Spring cleaning at Tumbleweed, this is always a good thing. We discovered that what's really healthy in a space clearing is seeing and using what you have.

We make sofas that last, and often our clients send them back after 8 or more years for recovering. 

Our candles come in reusable containers-if you are local, bring your clean jar in for $5 off your next candle, if you're not, start a whisky glass collection! 

The point is, we are an American made company (I buried the lead). Our goods are meant to be used heartily. We create with love and we shop with care, ie. finding French paintings in Paris. Our gift to you is easy shopping, with the knowledge that you are not purchasing "fast fashion for the home".

Please follow along as we tell our story and curate our collections online and in store...


 Keep those Mother's Day flowers around as long as possible  
  • Give stems a fresh cut and change the water out each day. *Some flower stems, such as roses, need to be cut under running water to prevent any air bubbles from escaping into the stem. 
  • Remove any extra greenery from stems so they don't murk up the water, this will help keep water fresh and prevent the flowers from heading south too soon!
  • Keep the flowers away from harsh elements such as direct sunlight, heaters and air conditioners. *Fresh fruits emit ethylene gas that can speed up a flower's wilting process.
  • Spike the flower water! That's right, a few drops of vodka can impede flowers from producing the ethylene gas that speeds up wilting.
  • Hyacinth, irises and daffodils produce toxic chemicals that harm other plants sharing the same water, so keep those in their own jar/vase! 
  • Wilted Hydrangea can be brought back to life in 1-2 hours by putting them in boiling water.
  • Use the flower food if your flowers came with any, or, make your own with sugar and aspirin.

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