From Shabby to Chic

It was ten years ago, I think, when Dana Kofsky of, first hired me to decorate her Westwood, CA condo. At the time, we went for a shabby-cottage look, and we hit the mark dead on as you can see. People, as well as styles and interests, change and after a decade Dana decided it was time for some slight to slightly major revamping. 

Dana didn't want to completely abandon the shabby/rustic style but we wanted to make the overall feel of the living space a little more adult, more moder...okay, let's not beat around the bush, we had to make this place sexier.

So, we made it sexier...




All furniture handmade by Tumbleweed & Dandelion, and you'd like to know more about any piece you've seen, or about a piece you're inspired to make but need help, give us a call (310) 450-4310 or email us

All photos taken by Sunday Hendrickson 

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